Si Stage 1

Excellent entry level tune for a daily driver. The increased torque numbers make spirited driving super enjoyable, especially with cornering. LTFT also within normal limits and knock control maintains 54% via datalog. Thank you PoweMetric!

- Dre

Awesome Tune!

Made the switch to Powermetric and got Stage YOLO! This tune BLEW my expectations! Has a ton of torque and is the most aggresive tune I've ever felt for a stock turbo! Gives you all the power you want without holding you back!

- Hector

YOLO Tune - Best tune in the market if you’re stock turbo.

Best tune hands down for 10th gen si stock turbo. The car is extremely quick and will line up against bigger motors and do just fine. Extremely reliable, stock turbo not being pushed to its limits. All you need is driver mod. The car does it’s thing. Up to the driver to do their part. Recommend this tune to everyone who’s still on stock turbo and with just bolt ons. D butler ftw!

- Antonio

PRL Big Turbo - POWER!

Recently switched from a etune to this, I’m surprised how better this tune feels and performs, worth the money !

- Adrian C.

Stage Dub

Started with the stage yolo then to the stage 27won now on with the stage Dub this is the best bang for your buck on the 10thgen platform Butler and Nick are the best out there my car is now in the 11s on a stock motor !! Thank you powermetrics

- Thomas Chadeayne